Setting Up Your Scale

Setting up and using your new Smart Scale for the first time is a quick and easy process. It shouldn't take more than a few minutes to get you on your way to snapping your first Healthy Selfie. 🤳

1. Place Batteries

Place (4) AA batteries (included) in the battery slot located on the back of the scale. Place the scale on a hard, non-carpeted surface.

2. Enable Bluetooth

Enable ‘Bluetooth’ on your smartphone. The scale automatically syncs over Bluetooth, no pairing needed.

3. Download App

If you haven’t already, download the incentaHEALTH app in the App or Google Play store and log in to your account. 

4. Tap Weigh In

Launch the app and click ‘Weigh In’ from the bottom menu and hit the ‘Weigh in Now’ button. It may prompt you to allow camera access.

5. Prop Phone

Prop your phone up and step on the scale. If you want to measure body fat, you need to be barefoot.

6. Full Length Photo

Ensure you have a full-length photo (face and feet) in order to be eligible for rewards.

Taking a Healthy Selfie

Our patented HEALTHspot scale snaps a healthy selfie weigh-in photo along with your weight. You can see yourself transform one healthy selfie at a time

  1. Place your scale on a hard, non-carpeted surface.
  2. Lean your smart phone against a coffee mug or in aphone stand and place on a waist-height table or counter. 
  3. Angle the phone and position the scale so you get a full-length photo that shows your face and your feet!

Scale Best Practices

  • Ensure you take a full-length photograph (face and feet). If you don't wish to have a photo taken, place your device face down on the counter. If you're part of an incentive program, a full-length photograph is required.
  • Place the scale on a hard, dry surface. Do not use carpet.
  • For consistency, weigh in at the same time each day under similar circumstanced. For example, in the morning before eating breakfast.
  • Your hydration levels flucuate throughout the day and affects body composition measurements (body fat and muscle mass). Keep a consistent hydration level for the most accurate weight measurement. For example, weigh in before your morning coffee.
  • Wear similar weight clothing for weight readings. Note, our Health Coaches may audit weigh-in photographs for rewards so please remain clothed.
  • To measure body fat, step on the scale with bare feet.

Maintenance and Warnings

  • Keep the scale clean and dry. Keep away from water to avoid slipping and damaging scale components.
  • To clean, wipe down scale with a damp cloth and dry.
  • When the scale displays 'Lo,' replace batteries. 
  • Scale is not recommended for individuals with medical implants such as pacemakers
  • Scale weight limit is 400 pounds and will display 'Err' if exceeded.

Support Guide

Still need help? Our Health Coaches are available.
Email us at, use the chat button, or call us at 800-694-0352.

How do I zero the scale

To zero the scale, lightly tap to let it power on. Let it automatically drop to 0.0 lb. The scale may need to be zeroed after moving locations.

Bluetooth is not connected.

Bluetooth must be turned on in order to work with the incentaHEALTH app. Make sure to activate Bluetooth under your device's settings. No syncing is required. 

Do I need to pair the scale to my device?
Nope! The app is designed to work with the scale right out of the box. There is no need to go through your Bluetooth menu and manually pair the scale. We call this "zero configuration" and hopefully it makes things easier to get you on your way to performing your first Healthy Selfie!
Please note that if you do accidentally attempt to pair the scale manually, your phone will ask for the 4 digit pass code to pair. This code is 0000
The scale isn't connecting.

We're sorry! There could be a few reasons why your scale isn't syncing and working with the app. 

  • Have you completed your profile? Make sure you have your height and date of birth entered. 
  • Is Bluetooth turned on?
  • Check your phone for any software updates.
  • Making sure scale is on a hard surface (not carpet)
  • As a last resort, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

Still not working? Contact us by emailing, call 800-694-0352 or tap the chat button in app or online. 

No body fat data is measured when I weigh in.
  • Body fat scale requires weighing in with bare feet.
  • Height must be between 3'3" and 8'. 
  • Bluetooth function is not on.
  • You must open the incentaHEALTH app and press 'Weigh In' prior to stepping on the scale.
When measuring body fat, screen displays 'err2' message.

The body parameters must be:

  • Height 3'3" to 8' and weight 66 pounds or higher
  • Participants feet are too wet or the scale is too wet.
The screen display 'Err' message.

The scale has overloaded its maximum range of 400 lbs or 180 kg.

The screen displays 'Lo' message.

This means the batteries are getting low and need to be replaced.