Earn Cash Every 90 Days for Your Weight Loss

With an active premium account, you are eligible to earn cash rewards every 90 days based off your percentage of weight improvement. The first weigh-in you complete with the Smart Scale is your baseline weight. Then, every 90 days, if you achieve a reward tier, you will earn cash! 

You must have a Body Mass Index (BMI) greater than or equal to 25 to earn cash for your weight loss.

How do I receive my rewards?

Rewards are distributed quarterly, based on each member's individual start date in the program. Participants who earn cash rewards will receive a reloadable cash reward card in the mail. If rewards are earned in subsequent quarters, the rewards are electronically reloaded on to the original card.

How long can I earn rewards?

If weight improvement has been achieved, and you have an active premium account, you are eligible to receive a cash reward based on your amount of weight improvement. If weight is kept off, cash rewards can be received quarterly up to one year after program enrollment. If some or all of the weight is regained between weigh-ins, the cash reward will be reduced or eliminated in line with the reward structure goals. At the end of 12 months, your baseline weight is recalculated and the incentive structure starts over with the new baseline weight for the next program year. If your starting BMI is still greater than or equal to 25, you may still receive rewards for another year in the program for achieving weight improvement. You must have an active premium account to earn cash rewards.