Healthy Mommin: Setting Yourself up for Success

Hi everyone, my name is Rachel and I’ve been a part of the incentaHEALTH team for a little over 5 years now as a Client Manager and Health Coach. I specialize in corporate wellness but also help to motivate people towards healthier lifestyle habits. I am also a new mom to my wonderful 4-month-old son. I was a competitive gymnast for 18 years and even competed at the collegiate level for the University of Iowa. If you couldn’t tell, fitness and health has been and still is an important part of my life, but it hasn’t always been easy. I actually had high cholesterol when I was just 15 years old and it was at that point, that I really started to take a look at what I was putting into my body and how I could make sustainable changes to keep me healthy for a long time. So, if anyone thinks that I’ve always been healthy and have never been through the hardships of being overweight and eating too much fast food, I’ve definitely been there just like everyone else and had my own struggles to overcome.

Now that I have a son and growing family, these principles are even more important to me than ever. I want to be a part of my kids’ lives and be able to play with them and grow old with them. Doesn’t everyone? Why else would we be scouring the internet (mainly Pinterest) at 3 am (because someone’s hungry or doesn’t realize that its bedtime) for the best workouts to lose your belly fat or healthy easy weeknight meals to make or getting back in shape post baby. Because we all probably have the same goal in mind: to set the best examples for our kids on what a healthy lifestyle looks like and be the best versions of ourselves so we can be a part of their lives. Being the best versions of ourselves helps us to be the best parents for our little ones.

With all that being said, mommin' isn’t easy, especially healthy mommin'. As a new mom, I have had to make so many adjustments to my regular healthy lifestyle habits that I was accustomed to for the past decade. I know I must make sure my child is fed, changed and played with while also making sure the house is clean, meals are made, plus working full time. Nobody ever said this was easy, but I can tell you one thing, its all possible if you set yourself up for success from the beginning! I will be sharing all my tips and tricks towards being a healthyish mom while also learning along the way just like you hopefully will be. Before getting into healthy family meals, mom and baby workouts and other lifestyle tips, the first place to start is getting prepared and setup.

Here are my 5 Tips at Getting Setup for Success:

  1. Set realistic goals and don’t beat yourself up for not meeting them: Make sure to start small such as a goal of working out once a week. Make sure your goal is specific and measurable so you can keep track of your progress. For instance, “I’m going to do a workout video once a week while my child/kid takes a nap for 30 min.” Once you start to meet your goals frequently and with ease, we can change them and make them harder and harder.
  2. Prepare the night before: When you are packing up your diaper bag for the nanny or daycare or just getting clothes set aside, make sure to pack your own gym bag at the same time. The last thing you want to be doing in the morning when you are trying to rush out the door is pick out something to wear (that’s clean/doesn’t have spit up on it) and possibly forget something like your gym shoes. Take the time the night before to make sure everything is ready to go!
  3. Put it in your calendar/Schedule a meeting: You wouldn’t cancel on a meeting with a coworker or a coffee date with another mom without really having a good reason to, right? Putting your workout on a calendar at a specific time allows you to keep yourself accountable and think of it the same way, you shouldn’t cancel on yourself when it’s something as important as your health. People are more successful when they write things done and can check it off once its been completed.
  4. Be prepared for things that might come up: This is mom skill 101. Nothing ever goes quite according to plan when kids are involved. Sometimes they get sick, have blowouts, or just aren’t cooperating in order for you to have time for a workout or eat healthy like you planned. If you have to skip out on your workout plans in order to take care of your kids, DON’T BEAT YOURSELF UP! Be understanding that things come up and try again the next day to reach your goals. This is all a learning process and each and every day gets better, just like with parenting.
  5. Have your plan ready to go: Whether It’s your plan of attack at the store before your baby wakes up or a plan for all the errands you have to run during the short weekend, plans help you get everything on your list done without missing something. The best part about the incentaHEALTH program is the fact that your meals and exercise plans are already waiting for you that day! Once you’re at the gym or have you time set aside for your workout, there’s no second guessing what to do or how it should be done. Any if you need any help, the health coaches are there to answer your questions!

Make sure to leave your comments on what Healthy Mommin' topics you would like us to talk about!

In Good Health,

Coach Rachel
Certified Worksite Wellness Specialist
ACE Certified Medical Exercise Specialist


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