6 Tips for a Healthier Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us! It's a time to celebrate with friends and family. Unfortunately for many, it’s also a season for over-indulging and weight gain. Follow these 6 simple tips and enjoy the holidays with balance.

1 –  Healthier Holiday Traditions
Every family has traditions; whether that is a specific dish or a special activity you do every year. This year, start some new healthy traditions such as a Black Friday hike, running a seasonal 5k with friends or a post-meal family walk.

2 – Managing Portions
Between large meals with family, get-togethers with co-workers or parties with friends, it can be difficult to maintain healthy eating habits when you’re constantly surrounded by unhealthy temptations. At gatherings, try to maintain a balance by filling your plate with the healthy options first. Keep an eye on your portions and something as simple as using a smaller plate can help too!

3 – Stay Active
Make time for physical activity. If you can’t stick with your regular workout routine, add in small moments of activity throughout your day. Park further away in the parking lot while shopping, take the stairs over the elevator, or do a 15 body weight workout or yoga session in the morning. Have a house full of guests? Schedule a family outing ice skating, building a snowman or hiking.

4 – Manage Stress
The holidays can be stressful. We are overscheduled, frazzled preparing for guests or worried about the cost of buying presents or hosting guests. Take care of yourself this year and manage your stress. Focus on being mindful, present and thankful for your family, friends, health and well-being. It’s okay to say no! Only say yes to invites that mean the most to you.

5 – Staying Health at Work
We spend a large portion of our waking hours at work, so engage in healthy behaviors when you’re in the office. If the break room is where treats collect, avoid it! Stock up on healthy snacks like fresh fruit and nuts. It takes will-power to say no every time. If that cookie is tempting you, enjoy it but counteract those calories with a little exercise – such as a quick walk.

6 – Healthy Hydration
With parties and commitments, it can be difficult to not overdo it with beverages. People often overestimate the effects that too much alcohol, caffeine and sugary drinks can have on their mind and body. Moreover, beverages, alcoholic and non-alcoholic can add empty, unnecessary calories to your day.  Stay hydrated with plenty of water and be aware of the calories (and effect) of too many beverages.

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